Environment Protection at Licit Ltd.

We at Licit ltd, have elaborated regulations on the maximum allowable amount of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. The norms of allowable emissions are established for each emission source, as well as measures to be taken to reduce the level of pollution of the air basin are registered.

The company utilizes specially designed furnaces for burning of waste resulting from wood processing – cuttings, chips and dust. The heat obtained from wood waste incineration is used for room heating, wood drying and other industrial needs. Thereby consumption of traditional power resources is significantly reduced.

The urea formaldehyde based adhesives  – we use in the process of Radio Frequency curing of bent plywood to achieve a super strong bond – meets the environmentally “green” E1 standard.

When we select the veneer we use, buying not only good quality but certified raw material is our aim. We understand that without sustainable wood forestry our industry has no future. Therefore we demand our suppliers to have FSC® certification which allow us to offer FSC® certified product to our customers too.

To learn more about FSC® certification, please visit www.fsc.org